28 miniature gift boxes free printable - over 100 boxes to print

28 Miniature Gift Boxes – free printable

Whether you’re decorating your dollhouse for the festive season or preparing a birthday photo shoot with your dolls, can you ever have enough miniature gift boxes to hand? I don’t think so. And that is why I’ve created this set of 28 miniature gift boxes for you to download and print.

Actually, there are more than 100 gift boxes in total in various patterns, sizes, and colors. And all this is free for you to download.

The smallest box size is 1.3cm (~1/2″) square and the largest is 2.5cm (1″) square. Each PDF also comes with solid colors that coordinate with the patterned version, as well as full pages of the patterns and colors so you can make boxes in any size you need.

Each PDF also includes a blank template with fold lines that you can print and trace onto any paper or cardstock of your choice. The PDFs are available in either A4 or US letter size.

I hope you enjoy making your own miniature gift boxes and I look forward to seeing how you use them. Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram @sunidoll and use hashtag #sunidoll.

Tip: To give the boxes some weight for your scenes, fill them with small parcels of uncooked rice. I like to wrap my rice parcels in small pieces of recycled brown paper or paper bags.

Download the Free Printable Miniature Gift Boxes

To download the miniature gift box printables, just click the links below the images to select the PDF paper size you need (A4 or US letter).