miniature wall art free dollhouse printables, 1:6 and 1:12 scale, 3D framed

Miniature Wall Art – free dollhouse printables

Once the basics of your dollhouse are in place it’s time to start decorating and adding the finishing touches. These miniature wall art printables come in a variety of themes to suit different styles of dollhouses, as well as allowing for seasonal decorating. There is vintage classic art from the likes of Van Gogh, modern abstract art for contemporary and boho dollhouses, seasonal Fall and Autumn designs, as well as others.

Each art piece is easy to download and print in PDF format, for both A4 and US letter paper sizes. They also come in sizes to suit 1:6 and 1:12 scale dollhouses, though you can print them in a size that suits you. For example, if you want 1:24 scale, you could print the PDFs at 50% scale.

As a bonus most of the miniature wall art PDFs come with 3D frames so your art doesn’t sit flat on the wall, adding a realistic touch.

Printing and cutting instructions are also included.

Free Miniature Wall Art Dollhouse Printables

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Vintage Classics Dollhouse Wall Art

These miniature vintage classic wall art printables would look perfect in a traditional style dollhouse or why not create an exciting mix of contemporary and traditional styles in a more modern dollhouse.

Modern Abstract Dollhouse Wall Art

These modern abstract dollhouse wall art printables would look perfect in a contemporary dollhouse living room or even a boho-style bedroom.

Fall and Autumn Miniature Dollhouse Wall Art

Warm up your dollhouse decor for the colder months with pumpkins and golden leaves, warm and cuddly kitties, and harvest cornucopia.

Bewitching Miniature Dollhouse Wall Art

Add a little fantasy to your dollhouses and dioramas with these bewitching miniature wall art free dollhouse printables. Think all things mystical and magical – fairies, witches, magic toadstools, moonlight, etc.

Cat-Themed Dollhouse Wall Art

Calling all cat lovers! Decorate your dollhouse with cheeky and cute felines.

Unicorn Dollhouse Wall Art

Decorate your dollhouse with magical unicorns.

Miniature Printable Needlework Samplers

These miniature printables needlework samplers make beautiful wall art for the dollhouse, giving it a cosy, traditional feel. They are a great decorating addition, especially for Autumn/Fall dioramas and scenes, or if your dollhouse has a farmhouse theme.

Rainbow Brights Miniature Art Dollhouse Printables

Brighten up your decor and your day with these bright and cheery rainbow miniature dollhouse wall art printables.

Modern Boho Wall Art for Dollhouses

Add an organic and fresh touch to your dollhouse decor with these modern boho wall art designs in miniature.

DIY Dollhouse Miniature Printables

Complete the look with printable dollhouse wallpaper and then get decorating with windows, flooring and furniture.

Dollhouse wallpaper free printable pdfs 1:6 and 1:12 scale seamless patterns and solids

dollhouse windows printable - 20 designs in 1:6 and 1:12 scale with nature views


Are you making your own DIY dollhouse? Make sure to check out my article on how to make a DIY dollhouse for Barbie and Blythe dolls. You’ll find dollhouse plans, advice on materials to use, and tips on how to make your dollhouse more portable. I also have other dollhouse printables available to download.