Bewitching miniature wall art free dollhouse printables

Bewitching Miniature Wall Art – Free Dollhouse Printables

Add a little fantasy to your dollhouses and dioramas with these bewitching miniature wall art free dollhouse printables. Think all things mystical and magical – fairies, witches, magic toadstools, moonlight… These miniature wall art prints will add a realistic touch to dollhouse rooms as they are 3D and framed – all from a printable!

The free printables come in easy-to-print PDF format in both A4 and US Letter paper sizes. I’ve included a variety of sizes for 1:6 and 1:12 scale dollhouses but you can really print them at any size you like (just adjust the scale in your printer settings).

What makes these printables unique is they include side panels to create depth, and also back panels. Essentially you’re creating a 3D box that looks like a realistic painting.

I hope to add more artworks over time – subscribe to my newsletter to keep informed. I’ll also be adding other ranges to suit different decor styles so check out the rest of the blog.

Please note: I only use artworks that are in the public domain or I have a commercial licence to use them. If you’d like to make your own miniature wall art printables, Creative Fabrica has great graphics that come with a commercial licence (I may earn a commission from the link above). However, these wall art printables are for personal use only.


Most of my dollhouse wall art is provided in 10cm (4″) and 5cm (2″) sizes, though some may differ depending on the aspect ratio of the original artworks.


Refer to the assembly instructions PDF in the downloadable zip folder.

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Download the Bewitching Miniature Wall Art Printables


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