Miniature printable needlework samplers for DIY Barbie dollhouse- 1:6 and 1:12 scale

Miniature Printables Needlework Samplers

These miniature printables needlework samplers make beautiful wall art for the dollhouse, giving it a cosy, traditional feel. They are a great decorating addition, especially for Autumn/Fall dioramas and scenes, or if your dollhouse has a farmhouse theme.

I love vintage needlework samplers – the folksy elements and muted colours make me nostalgic for when life wasn’t so fast-paced. Though I wouldn’t swap the freedoms and conveniences we have now! When you read about the history of samplers and the young girls who made them, life didn’t seem very easy.

Thankfully today we can enjoy the charm of antique samplers without the time (and eyesight) required to make our own in miniature. There are 13 designs in the set to print.


  • Select the size you need below – either 1:6 scale (Barbie/playscale) or 1:12 scale (traditional dollhouse).
  • Choose your paper size (A4 or US Letter) and download the PDF.
  • Print the pages you want to use on regular copy paper or cardstock. If you print on copy paper, glue the sampler to paperboard/cardboard so it has depth. Use the best quality ink setting on your printer.
  • Carefully cut out the samplers you want to use.
  • If you’d like to make your samplers more 3D, print two copies and cut out the frame only of one copy. Glue the frame to the front of the sampler.
  • To hide any white edges, go around the outer edges with dark brown coloured marker.
  • Attach the samplers to your dollhouse walls with double-sided tape or poster putty (BluTack).

Miniature Samplers Gallery Wall Idea

Miniature wall art needlework samplers free printables in 1:6 and 1:12 scale

1:6 Scale Miniature Printables Needlework Samplers

These 1:6 scale needlework samplers work well in Barbie and Blythe dollhouses and dioramas.


1:12 Scale Miniature Printables Needlework Samplers

These smaller 1:12 scale needlework samplers look great in traditional dollhouses.


I hope you enjoy using these Miniature Printables Needlework Samplers. Please tag me on Instagram (@sunidoll or @suniblythe) if you share your photos.

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