Maileg cardboard gingerbread dollhouses for Christmas
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Maileg Gingerbread Houses for Christmas

Have you seen these adorable Maileg gingerbread houses? I fell in love at first sight! What a cute idea for Christmas gifts – dollhouses with all the charm of a gingerbread house. There is a small version that is one storey high and has one room for play. The large version has two storeys and two rooms. Both are suited to 1:12 scale dolls, and of course Maileg mouse characters.

The Maileg gingerbread houses are made of cardboard and decorated with gingerbread house details on the exteriors. The interiors are lined with wallpaper and wooden floor coverings. The wallpapers have a beautifully aged patina. The floor and roof of the houses fold up (or down) to close neatly into little gingerbread houses that can be stored away. There are cutout windows so you can peep through to see the cuteness inside even when the dollhouses are folded up. Such a clever construction!

Large Maileg Gingerbread House

Maileg cardboard gingerbread house large version
Source: Weston Table

Small Maileg Gingerbread House

Maileg cardboard gingerbread house small version
Source: Weston Table


Large version: 14.56″ high x 8.7″ wide.

Small version: 9.84″ high x 7.5″ wide.



The furniture, dolls and accessories aren’t included.

The Maileg gingerbread houses are suitable for ages 3+ and would make wonderful Christmas gifts for kids.

You can purchase them from Weston Table, where I first saw them, though there are probably other stockists, too. I’m not an affiliate and receive no commission, I just wanted to share the cuteness with you all.

I’m so inspired by these. Not only are they great for nurturing the imagination of kids, they’re giving me ideas for my own DIY cardboard dollhouses that neatly fold away.

Are you making your own DIY dollhouse? Make sure to check out my article on how to make a DIY dollhouse for Barbie and Blythe dolls. You’ll find dollhouse plans, advice on materials to use, and tips on how to make your dollhouse more portable. I also have other dollhouse printables available to download.


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