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Easy knit throw blanket pattern

Add some style to your 1:6 scale dollhouse with this easy to knit throw blanket pattern to create contemporary decorative throws. Use neutral or cream coloured yarns for that insta look!

The throw is knit is simple garter stitch so it’s a great beginner project. I have added some slip stitch edges but it can be knit in just garter stitch. Decorate the ends with fringing.

It’s really hard to get throws to drape nicely in the dollhouse. I found that by using needles 1.5 times the recommended size for the yarn, the fabric created is nice and loose but the stitches still look even. For example, the yarn I used recommended 3.75mm (US 5) needles. I multiplied 3.75 x 1.5 to get 5.6, which I rounded up to 6mm (US 10).

You also don’t want the throw to be too big. I like to create different sized throws for draping over a sofa vs arranging on a bed. For sofa throws, stick to less than 15cm (~6″). Since we’re multiplying our needles by 1.5 and most yarn gauges are published at 10cm (4″) measurements, I use that number of stitches to achieve 15cm, which in this case was 22sts. Use this as a guide, it’s not a hard and fast rule.

Knit throw blanket pattern

The instructions to knit this throw are quite simple and it’s really quick to make.

The yarn I used is one from the stash with nice variegated grey-brown and cream tones called Moda Vera Alpine Spritz.

I cast on 22sts using the cable cast on method and 6mm (US 10) needles.

Knit all rows until desired length and then bind off loosely with wrong side facing.


Cut yarn into 10cm (4″) lengths and loop them through the cast on and bind off edges with a crochet hook (I used a 3mm hook).


Blocking your throw when you’re finished helps it to drape nicer too and form a uniform shape. I just soaked mine in some cold water for 30 minutes, gently removed the excess water, and lay it on a towel to dry after aligning the edges and fringing.

knit throw blanket for the dollhouse
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