LOL Surprise OMG doll makeover DIY custom eyes

LOL OMG Makeover DIY – Eye Sticker Printables

Give your LOL Surprise OMG doll an easy DIY makeover with these free eye sticker printables. There are 16 designs to choose from and a set for you to colour as you choose.

I really love the fashion style of LOL Surprise OMG dolls but their eyes look so vacant. So I decided to design some new eye styles with more colour gradients and highlights. I’d love to hear your suggestions for future designs – maybe some with more iris less pupil? How about some star-shaped highlights?

LOL Surprise OMG doll makeover DIY eye stickers printables

Download the free printable PDFs below.

OMG Eye Stickers PDF – Sets 1 to 3 – A4 size

OMG Eye Stickers PDF – Sets 1 to 3 – US letter size

How to give your LOL OMG doll a DIY eye makeover


  • Standard copy paper for printing designs
  • Double-sided adhesive tape
  • Sticky tape/cellotape (optional)
  • Small scissors
  • Black fine liner (optional)
  • Coloured markers (optional)


Download the printable pages and select which design(s) you would like to use.

Cut out along the outer line. I like to cut out and attach one eye at a time so I don’t get confused which is left and which is right 😀

Attach the eye to the sticky side of the double-sided tape. If you like you can add normal tape over the top for a glossy finish.

Cut out around the eye shape, being careful to remove all the white paper background and to keep the shape round and smooth. I like to use tiny curved scissors to help with this.

You can also clean up the white edges with a fine black liner pen for the pupil and coloured markers for the iris.

Remove the paper backing from the double-sided tape and place the eye sticker in position on the doll.

Smooth down any wrinkles or bubbles.

The sticker should be removable if you make a mistake or need to reposition it. Over time it may become permanent.

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LOL OMG makeover DIY
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