firefighter Barbie holding a koala in the animal rescue playset

Thank you to all the firefighters

Yesterday was Australia Day and I wanted to express my thanks to all the volunteers and firefighters who have helped to save our wildlife, people, and property over the last few months.

It has been really shocking to watch even from a distance. Thank you for staying strong. I hope you are rewarded in ways you deserve and desire.

I also want to thank Mattel for creating dolls and playsets like this, where young kids can imagine themselves helping others as a career. Firefighter Barbie is a wonderful addition to the career dolls.

And the animal rescue playset is very cute, though I had to leave out most of the animals in the set for my photo as most of them are feral in Australia. Can we have some cute miniature sugar gliders and possums, please Mattel? Our possums are really cute here.

The koala my Barbie firefighter is holding is from a souvenir shop in Australia. You can buy them in bundles. The tiny koala and little kangaroo were pencil toppers.

I hope I can keep adding to my menagerie with Aussie birds and more little furry wonders of nature. More importantly, I hope they continue to exist in the wild and we can find a way to protect them better.

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