Knitting pattern for Barbie doll clothes
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Doll Clothes DIY: Knitting Patterns for Barbie and Blythe Dolls

Make your own doll clothes for Barbie and Blythe with these knitting patterns. They are fairly easy to work and result in an almost-seamless knitted sweater or cardigan, just switch them around!

Full patterns and instructions can be purchased from my Etsy store. I sell a number of digital patterns that you can download instantly in PDF format.

Making your own doll clothes is lots of fun, once you know the tricks to do it the easy way.

Knitting pattern for Blythe doll clothes

I made a video explaining some of the more complicated steps such as M1L and M1R increases, how to separate the sleeves to knit later, and how to do the cable cast on.

I hope you find it useful.

When I first started collecting Blythe dolls back in 2008, there was only really one knitting pattern available for sweaters, and it required a lot of seaming and setting in tiny sleeves.

It was a fiddly, messy nightmare!

So I experimented with different techniques and came up with a pattern of my own that is knit in one piece and only requires sewing the sleeves closed.

Miniature knitting using Noro yarns

I love using Noro Sekku or Noro Taiyo Lace – it makes a really earthy, rustic sweater with lots of texture and colour variation. One ball can yield lots of different coloured sweaters so it ends up being good value.

Miniature knitting using Malabrigo Lace yarn

Another favourite is Malabrigo lace. It’s a lusciously soft yarn with subtle variations in colour due to it being hand-dyed. Malabrigo is a bit more expensive than regular, machine-dyed yarns but you get a lot of yarn in a skein and it’s a pleasure to knit with.

Enjoy! And please share with me what you make.

Knitted sweaters for Barbie dolls