Barbie free printable pink stone pattern for walls and fireplace

Barbie’s Pink Stone Fireplace Pattern – free printable

Like many of you, I’m so in love with the aesthetics of Barbie Land in the Barbie Movie. What a gorgeous film! I think Barbie’s pink stone fireplace wall pattern is a fabulous design element and was inspired by the movie to make a free printable so you can turn your dollhouses into a Dreamhouse, too.

My pattern isn’t an exact copy of course, but more a homage to the original. I’ve made a few variations in different tones of pink so you can choose from an earthy pink version or more bubblegum pink.

Pink stone seamless pattern inspired by Barbie movie
Scenes from Barbie the Movie and my pattern background

You can use the pattern for your own Barbie’s pink stone fireplace or even use it to wallpaper an entire wall. In the movie they also used it as an edging for the brilliant flat swimming pool and so I’ve made some free Barbie pool printables with the pattern, as well as other edging options.

The pattern comes as easy-to-print PDFs in both A4 and US letter sizes, with different scales to suit 1:6 (Barbie) and 1:12 scale dollhouses.

As a bonus there are also coordinating solid colours so you can go crazy and ‘paint’ the whole dollhouse pink. Which might be just as well if there’s a shortage of pink paint out there…

(I’m not sure if it’s just pink paint that’s hard to come by at the moment. I tried to buy some pink poster board last week and there wasn’t any in stock. Lucky we can print our own pink dollhouse decor!)

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For best results print on cardstock, preferably 176gsm or 200gsm. You could also use plain computer paper but it does have a tendency to warp and crinkle.


A4 and US letter paper size, with options suitable for both 1:6 and 1:12 scale dollhouses.


  • Download the zip file of the design you like below. Extract the zip file and inside you’ll find PDFs in A4 and US letter size and the designs in 1:6 and 1:12 scale.
  • Printing and installation instructions are also included in the zip file with some notes on glue choices.


The pattern and PDFs are for personal use only and are not to be used for commercial purposes or resold.

Download the Barbie Pink Stone Fireplace Pattern Printable

This version is a little more muted.

The version below is darker and a little more ‘earthier’.

I hope you enjoy using this free printable!

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Barbie movie pink stone seamless pattern - free printable