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Barbie Kitchen: Sylvanian Families Kitchenware

I’ve been wanting to stock up on kitchenware for my Barbie and Blythe doll kitchens. I especially wanted a mixer like KitchenAid for making scenes of miniature baking in my kitchen.

My local toy store had some Sylvanian Families’ playsets with cute kitchenware. I wasn’t sure if the scale would work well with 1:6 scale Barbie and Blythe dolls. I think they look great!!!

Rement kitchenware is hard to find in Australia, and expensive to import, so Sylvanian Families are a good alternative. I’m so happy to be adding to my Barbie kitchenware. I especially love the pink items!

Here are the sets I purchased.

Sylvanian Families Kitchen Island Set #5442

Barbie mixer, kitchen scale, bagel maker
Sylvanian Families Kitchen Island Set #5442 – this set contained a kitchen island, kitchen scale, mixer and bowl, bagel and waffle maker, milk carton, juice carton, eggs, ladle, and stickers.

The pink mixer is soooo cute and I love the bagel maker and eggs. I’m too scared to add the stickers as I always mess them up. The kitchen island will come in useful for another project I have in mind. The scale of that is too small for Barbie and Blythe.

Purchase here:

Amazon AU

Sylvanian Families Kitchen Cookware Set #5090

Barbie blender, toaster, rice cooker and bar cart
Sylvanian Families Kitchen Cookware Set #5090 – this set contains a cute little cart, coffee mugs, glasses, honey/jam jars, bread box, toaster, blender, water jug, rice cooker, frying pan, plates, basket and utensils.

I love the little blender, rice cooker and frying pan. The glassware has a nice lustre as well. The little jug reminds me of hospital but I’ll try to think of it as a picnic jug.

Purchase here:

Amazon AU

Sylvanian Families Breakfast Playset #5444

Barbie blender, toaster, pancake maker
Sylvanian Families Breakfast Playset #5444 – this set contains a bunny shaped pancake maker, yellow toaster, blender, plates with eggs and greens, bananas, orange, apple, glassware, basket and cutlery.

I forgot I had this playset at Easter and could have used the bunny pancake maker in some photos. Love the toaster, blender and bananas in this set. Oh, and more shiny glassware. The eggs on these plates work well with the eggs in the other set.

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What Barbie kitchenware items are on your wishlist?

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